Doesn’t every artist dream of their own “wall” dedicated to showing their works of art for all to see?  I have been hanging art in a coffee shop called Spill the Beans located in Downtown Swansboro right on the Intercoastal Waterway.  I have sold a few pieces there and now under new management I was asked to fill up a whole wall.  The Brandi Criscitiello wall if you will –  lol jk.  But really, it was perfect timing, on my spring break and a little free time on my hands.

I spent the day framing a few things and taking 5 more pieces down to Spill the Beans.  I also got to hang it all myself which I’m sure doesn’t sound like a bonus, but I enjoyed it.  So, if you are in the area stop by Spill the Beans Coffee Shop in Swansboro, NC.  There you will find great art and amazing coffee, a heavenly combination.