Born and raised in eastern North Carolina as a child I always found myself wanting to be in the garage with my dad “helping” him work on old cars and motorcycles.  If not there I could be found at one of the many beach days with my family.  It was in my childhood that I developed a passion for design through cars and motorcycles and a love for the coast.

Years later at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC I pursued my interest in performance cars and motorcycles through art.  There I earned a BFA in Studio Art with concentration in photography and sculpture.  Finding old parts of cars, I used welding as a way to create my own performance art pieces and photography as a way to capture life size memories of vintage vehicles.  This translates into my life today with the understanding of how things are built and work.  I see myself as a creator as I believe any idea can be brought to life.  I find joy in bringing ideas to reality.

I have since moved back to the coast.  Here I am inspired by the lifestyle that surrounds me.  I have developed a need to express what I find visually appealing along with expressing my thoughts and feelings at the same time.  A combination of things inspire me;  but mostly it is the beauty of the coast and nature surrounding me that I have been drawn to lately.