Commission Work

I am open to doing various commission jobs.  I have done projects from paintings to designing a billboard and lots of things in between.  Just email me at with any questions.  Below I have posted some of my latest commissioned projects.

48″x 48″ Acrylic on wood with cedar frame.

24″x 48″ acrylic on canvas with cedar frame.

30″x 53″ acrylic on wood with cedar frame.


16″x 20″ acrylic on canvas with natural cedar frame.


Left: 16″x 20″ acrylic on canvas with cedar frame.  Right: 24″x 48″ acrylic on canvas with black wood frame.


Not a commission but a gift for my dad.  Acrylic on wood with stained frame.


12″x 18″ watercolor

Brandi Criscitiello - teal bicycle watercolor

Center court logo for White Oak High School.

photo (2)

Heron Cove sign was commissions by the residents of Heron Cove.

Heron Cove sign

A commission for Linda of her mother walking on the beach at sunset. 16″x20″

Painting below is on a 16″x20″ canvas and was commissioned by my friend Alyson.


This sign was commissioned by John and Sherri Armour to hang at their outdoor bar.

This mermaid was commissioned by Quartermaster’s Tavern in Surf City, NC.  It can be found in the women’s restroom.


the tail

Two portraits in pastels


This painting was done for my good friend Ally.

Below is a painting I was commissioned for by Kurtis Chevrolet in Morehead City, NC.  Acrylic on canvas, 30″x40″

close up

An acrylic painting of my Mom and Niknik at the beach.

Below is an acrylic painting on wood of a ship off the coast of Haiti at sunset.

I painted this table top for my good friend Allyson.

This 8″x10″ watercolor is was commissioned by my cousin to give as a gift to my uncle for Christmas.  He has entered his 1965 Amphicar into alot of car shows and won many awards around the country.

This painting is the last of three that were given to the owner of Beach House Harley-Davidson in Shallote, NC.  It goes with the two pictured below of the New-River H-D and Carolina Coast H-D.  This one was commissioned by the 3 stores to give to the owner for Christmas.  Acrylic on Wood, 3ft x 3ft

The painting below was commissioned  by my cousin John.


This painting was done for Mike.  He lives in Daytona, FL and is the lighthouse keeper at The Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse.  (painted in the background)


close ups



This owl painting was done for my good friends Larkin and Ginny for their apartment.

Painting below was commissioned for Lisa as a present for her husband.


close up




Above is a painting I was commissioned for by my cousin Jeanna for her husband Kevin.  It’s of his H-D Night Train and was done with acrylic on wood.



2005 SE V-Rod and 2009 SE Road Glide for Mr. Laws.





The “Polish Warhorse” was painted for a friend on his motorcycle helmet.


New River Harley-Davidson

These two paintings were commissioned by both New River Harley-Davidson and Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson.  They were given to the owner at the Christmas Party on Dec. 21st 2008.   Acrylic on wood, each 36″x36″

Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson


Wright Place


Below is a billboard I just did this past month for New River Harley-Davidson.  I took this picture while riding along Topsail Island.  It will be up through the months of March to May.


A line drawing for Doug’s tattoo.


finished product


Another billboard that will go up for the months of July through September.


Wall painting for John and Sherri.

Wall painting in a nursery for the Perry’s.


Tim’s Tiki Bar